Phone: 850-815-6069
Hours: 10:00am-7pm daily
Location: Suite I101 [View Map]

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Founded in 2018 by Emily Raffield, the BECASA Shop at 30Avenue is home to its in-house clothing line, BECASA that is filled with staple pieces to meet you in the moment — ideal for a dreamy beach weekend but with quality to last a lifetime. As a native Floridian, Emily hopes to share that special magic found on the coast with others through her collections for the closet and home. Inspiring an air of freedom and keying in on the essentials needed to bring on a coastal mentality. 

BECASA’s exclusive garments are designed and handmade in Jaipur, India and the USA — while other pieces you’ll find in our shoppe are hand-selected and created with artisans and merchants all over the world.

At BECASA we cherish women and their love for their clothes and homes. We collect. We celebrate memories. We laugh and rally in simplicity. We have fun and dress up.

We consider BECASA a space for kinship and community.

The Beach is our address here.